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lowkey of hkust

Kwan Flavia Jofani Susanto

Matthew Elias Lau

Enoch Wong

1st runner up

ravangers of itb

Balya Ibnu Sulistiyono

Aliyah Sausan Huwel

Teo Wijayarto

2nd runner up

spartaits of its

sebastian pratama ateng

christian hamonangan sitohang

benedict timotius christian

Top 10 Semi-finalists

Taking our case partner's scoring rubrics into consideration, the committee has come up with the list of top 10 semifinalists. This decision is final, unless any teams from the top 10 list decide to withdraw themselves from the competition.

  1. Lowkey - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  2. Sparta ITB - Institut Teknologi Bandung
  3. Ghifari - Institut Teknologi Bandung
  4. Foton - Surya University
  5. Ravangers - Institut Teknologi Bandung
  6. ARC - President University
  7. Last Minute to Win It! - Bina Nusantara University
  8. Sparta ITS - Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
  9. Syclon - Universitas Indonesia
  10. UPM - Universiti Putra Malaysia


health care business and technology


The annual Information System Case Competition organized by BASIS of Binus International is back!!

Since its inception in 2014, ISCC has developed a reputation to become one of the most highly coveted case competitions in Indonesia, attracting the attention of top ranked universities from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Renowed for its ability to provide quality information systems related cases, ISCC as a competition challenges its participants to think critically in order to produce and pitch an innovative yet applicable solution to relevant problems in modern day socity, with judging panels consisting of local and foreign industry experts and professionals. Designed by world class institutions and multinational corporations, ISCCs' cases has been highly praised by educators of prominent universities, who utilized the cases in their teaching materials.

This year, ISCC is back with more challenging cases and more exciting competition structure.

Participants compete on solving information system related cases designed by world class institutions and corporations that encompasses an array of relevant problems of in modern day society, encouraging participants to innovate in order to bring their best solution. In proportion to the quality cases, the competition will be judged by local and foreign Industry Experts and professionals.

Participants will be provided with current ongoing cases, created by the industry professionals, related with Healthcare system in Indonesia. Business Information System itself can be defined as the use of technology to improve business performance and support a company’s strategic planning.



FX Sudirman Binus Campus


Win Prize up to Rp 60,000,000


registration requirements

  1. Participants must be on active student of the registered school.
  2. Each team must consist of students attending same school.
  3. Each team must consist of 3 members ONLY

In this round the participants need to submit return proposal containing their answer to the case (online). From this round only 10 teams from university and 10 teams from high school will be selected in the semi-finals.


Seminar &
Class Trial

This year, ISCC is inviting top speakers to share their knowledge in our seminar. High school participants also have the opportunity to join one of BINUS International class to experience what it is like to be studying in a world class university.

In this round participants will be quarantined for 10 Hours to solve an extended case. Participants will be allowed to leave early if they have decided to submit their solution prior to the time limit. The next day, each team will present their solutions in front of a panel of judges.



Final round will determine the winners of the competition. Top 3 teams will compete in a live debate in front of a panel of judges to defend their case and all semi-finalists, defending and opposing the available solutions. The participants will also be allowed to asked questions to any teams.

Final Debate for the 3 Top Teams will be divided into 3 segments:

  1. 1st Segment: 5 minutes (per group) Recap of each group’s solution presentation
  2. 2nd Segment: 10 minutes (per group) Adaptive questions by the judges.
  3. 3rd Segment: 15 minutes (per group) Each group will be given the opportunity to ask the other groups questions or provide critiques. An immediate response is expected. Other groups may comment on the on the answer.

* The groups which are not participating in the final debate are encouraged to stay in the audience.

rules and regulations

Rules and Regulations

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